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Hi! I'm a PC-Mac!

This website is designed to offer help and suggestions for those rare computer folks who love to run both PC and Mac computers, or at least provide a neutral friendly place for those who don't run screaming whenever the "other brand" computer shows up.

This website is run by a couple of San Antonio computer consultants who "merged" back when Y2K was the big thing, by getting married and combining their skill sets in the computer world. She's done Mac Consulting since the first Apple / Mac was created, and He's done PC Consulting since the 386 was released.

Local San Antonio, TX Service Offered On-Site

We've developed a loyal customer base in the San Antonio, Texas area over the years, with some clients scattered around Central Texas as far away as 200+ miles. Some of our website customers are clear across the country, but we don't need to provide hands-on support at the client's location for websites, now we we?