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New Computer?

We can transfer old files, set up your new computer, and connect your CLEAR™ 4G, ethernet / wireless DSL and RoadRunner Internet. On-site service & training available seven days per week.

Old Computer Running Slow?

Spyware / Virus RemovalWe can upgrade most PC memory & hard drives.

Trouble with Pop-ups? We are experienced with the latest PC Virus and Spyware removal software.

Don't leave your computer sitting in the repair shop for days or weeks at a time, let us fix it at your location! Computer downtime costs you money, but we can save you both time and money!

CLEAR 4G Wimax InternetNeed High Speed Internet? Mobile or Home?

We've got the solution for you! CLEAR™ 4G Wireless Internet is the way to go for folks living in the San Antonio, TX Metro area, or any other market where CLEAR™ 4G Wimax is offered.

We've been an authorized CLEAR™ Agent / Dealer since November 2009, and have also been offering outdoor CLEAR™ 4G Wimax solutions since 2010, the only CLEAR™ Dealer in the USA who can offer you such solutions, and with a 100% Satisfaction, Money Back, Guarantee!

Visit our sister website,, for more details, or contact us to learn more.

Need a recommendation for reliable anti-virus / anti-spyware protection?

We have used VIPRE Internet Security / Anti-Virus software for years, and thus feel very confident in recommending it to all of our clients.  This software uses less resources than other major brand name anti-virus software, and it runs faster and better.  We've found it fixes computers that got infected despite them having an updated major brand AV already installed.