Proudly Serving
San Antonio & Central Texas Region since 1984

After Hours Appointments Available

Service Contracts
Hourly Rates Offered

On-Site Services Offered

  • Setup New Systems
  • Recover Data From Failing Hard Drives
  • Transfer Data From Old Systems To New
  • Connect Internet - Etherenet or Wireless Networking
  • PC's - Virus & Spyware Removal
  • PC's - Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Software Installation
  • Repair / Reinstall for most Windows Software
  • Repair / Reinstall for most Mac Software
  • Software Consulting - How to use, What to get
  • Training One-On-One
  • Troubleshooting Hardware / Software / Networks
  • Website Development - from start to finish, or fixing other folks' efforts
  • Website & E-Mail Hosting since 1995
  • Website Training of Your In-House Staff

If it's a computer, we can fix it or tell you how to get it done. We specialize in fixing your computer and getting you back up and running as fast as possible!

We know both hardware and software, including most of the more popular applications including MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, etc. We speak Windows 7, XP, Vista, or Macintosh OS 8.x, 9.x and OS 10.x fluently.

We've been working with these computers for so long, that we've been there, done that, and got a drawer full of them t-shirts already.

We'll find the solution that fits your budget the best!